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Patrick K.-H.
Oleg Makarov

Media artists Patrick K.-H. and Oleg Makarov exercise genetic modification of laws as well as paradoxes between many single media in order to produce (un)expectable result. Among that, researching in the depth of fundamenal media-archeology, they work with "drawn sound" technology of 1920's.

“Drawn sound” (also graphical sound, cutted sound) appeared as the way to produce "sound track" at film tape: converting sound to image (that is graphical spectrum of sound), and back, image (sound spectrum) to sound. At that time, it comes to be the only method to create literally every sound, both “real” and “unreal”, from drawing. Now, it belongs to forgotten but still fruitful branches of media evolution. Though pioneers came up with many apparatuses invented, they were still limited by current technolgies. Later on, time has proved their overhelming prognoses, first by synthesizers, second - by digital and computer technologies.

Patrick K.-H. and Oleg Makarov recreate old-school technics by nowdays means: Max/MSP/Jitter, cameras / lenses, video projection, multiscreen, etc., as a launching point for their artistic experiments, starting from where the pioneers has stoped.
Also, they employ text-sound composition, sound installation, spatial sound approach, and algorithmic composition. Generally, they define interactivity and "maybe logic" as an axis for all and every media and data involved into a piece, in order to handle appeared meanings towards this axis.