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Patrick K.-H.
Oleg Makarov


non-idiomatic improvisation
Burkhard Stangl - electric guitar, e-bow, freeze, cathedral, devices,
Patrick K.-H. - electric guitar, Kaoss Pad 2, animation,
Oleg Makarov - sound processing using PC, Max/MSP, MIDI controllers,
in Pravda 24 art center, Moscow, 26.07.11 ev.

VJ Kirsan.
Camera - Ukio Kido, Yury Nagorny.
La main: l’heure de la pieuvre
La main: l’heure de la pieuvre – Drawing sketches in sketchbooks, stop-motion analog/digital animation, 2010-2011.

This piece was started during the residency in Brut, Wien, Austria, in December, 2010. Originally, it appeared in the form of 15-screens / 24-audio-channels installation, also got this animation form in several months of reworking. The development of digital processing technologies has opened up many new artistic possibilities for both, media artist Patrick K.-H. and musician Burkhard Stangl, while at the same time shattering the authorship of works. In their exchange project, artists ask about the meaning of the age-old cultural technique of writing and new possibilities of transforming knowledge. Sketches in sketchbooks of both artists became content for animation, and for soundtrack it is used the oldest recording which was made in Austria ever - Brahms plays Piano, 1889.
--in Brut Kuenstlerhaus, Vienna, 2010-- (more pictures)

--in Pravda 24 AC, Moscow, 2011-- (more pictures)

Burkhard Stangl @ klingt.org
Burkhard Stangl - ac & el guitars, electronic devices,
Patrick K.-H. - guitar, pick-ups, Kaoss Pad 2, laptop, video,
@ Amannstudio X anniversary, Vienna, 17.03.12 ev.

Sound recording - Christof Amann,
support - Steffi Neuhuber.
Burkhard Stangl - semi-acoustic Hoefner guitar, e-bow, bow, piano,
Patrick K.-H. - semi-acoustic Silvertone guitar, e-bow, bow, animation,
@ Echoraum, Vienna, 8.10.12 ev.

recorded by Johann Frantz Lapitz.

"Contemporary future set"
Burkhard Stangl - semi-acoustic Silvertone guitar, e-bow, bow, devices,
Patrick K.-H. - semi-acoustic Ibanez guitar, e-bow, bow, devices, MIDI,
Julia Tazreiter - ovens, espresso machines,
Maxim Iliukhin - objects

in Das Weisse Haus, Vienna, 23.10.14 ev.
Camera - Tina Kult.