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Patrick K.-H.
Oleg Makarov


Butoh +

in Media-Performance Lab, MMOMA, Moscow, 26.02.12 ev
w/ Valentin Tszin, Flavia Ghisalberti, Alex Ruhe

@ "Forms of living" fest, Moscow, NN.04.07 ev
w/ Dina Khuseyn, Vitten

in Media-Performance Lab, MMOMA, Moscow, 09.04.12 ev
w/ Valentin Tszin, Sonja Heller, Asya Mukhina

"HEART bits",
@ Platforma Mediafest, Moscow, 22.05.12 ev
w/ Valentin Tszin, Mikhail Khum, Masha Kabanova, Kasich

"Desire of a dead man",
in Media-Performance Lab, MMOMA, Moscow, 05.09.12 ev
w/ John Giskes, Asya Mukhina

A contradiction, desire of a dead man, but this dead guy missed a lot in life. Moving on the strings of his past of his unfulfilled needs of his secret fantasy's. Struggling against his own misconceptions hiding behind his mask of compliance, showing overt conformity. The individual is suppressed to a 'normal state', causing his insanity. Its your future, spectator, free yourself from this apparent reality. Free yourself from the belief in a higher power, trust your own ability to give meaning to your life. This is the retroactive struggle of this man.


"Architects of Change",
in Media-Performance Lab, MMOMA, Moscow, 28.10.12 ev
w/ Sonja Heller, Asya Mukhina.

To each other, we are only a flat story - unfamiliar images, written at different screens. Our projections are coming in touch, electrifying one another, presuming to continue the touch on the next spatial level. But soon after we realize that, dislocating the surface, breaking up our images with a handshake, we are still bordering of something, and there's the only mark we can't beat - the mark inside.


"Adaptation 14",
in Media-Performance Lab, MMOMA, Moscow, 26.01.13 ev
w/ Flavia Ghisalberti, Valentin Tszin, Asya Mukhina.