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Drawn Sound performances

in DOM cc, Moscow, 08.10.11 ev ¯¯
ANS, the first polyphonic synthesizer in the world, was invented in 1938 and created
in 20 years, in 1958, by soviet physicist E.Murzin. It is based at “drawn sound” technology, technically similar to the way it was used in sound track at film tape
of that times: converting sound to image (that is graphical spectrum of sound),
and back, image (sound spectrum) to sound. In 30-50’s, it comes to be the only method to create literally every sound, both “real” and “unreal”, just from drawing.
A painting on a glass table of ANS serves a score for sound that comes after graphic-to-sound analysis. Soon after ANS appeared, a tape recording has been invented. Obviously, sampling sounds to tape costs cheaper and has been committed easily, comparing to accuracy and laboriousness, that drawn sound requires. Missed at this point, ANS became a unique machine for “unreal” sounds producing (so called spectromorphology). In this sense, ANS forced the time – only in 80’s spectromorphological software appeared on computers. Despite of enormous range
of contemporary media technologies, ANS remains its uniqueness for many media-
and soundartists, along with composers and science-artist, by it’s approach to create sound. Drawn sound performance, a new project of Oleg Makarov and Patrick K.-H., students of Moscow Theremin Center, where ANS was located for years. In this project, they are about to interpret ANS by digital means. Paper and ink are playing
the role of ANS’s glass table for scores, then the video signal goes by camera to Max/MSP/Jitter original patch at PC, where it became a sound, all in real-time.
As in many other projects of Oleg Makarov and Patrick K.-H., they use 4-8-channels sound system; sound surrounds audience, making them feel themselves inside the geometry of soundsculpture.

@ Noumen Art fest, Moscow, Gorbushka, 14.10.10 ev ¯¯

@ Ruby Attack fest, Moscow, 17.10.10 ev  
by Patrick K.-H. / Oleg Makarov

@ Moscow Biennale, Art Play, 22.10.11 ev ¯¯


@ Ruby Attack Fest in Shokoladnaya Fabrika, Moscow, Russia, 2010
@ Noumen Art @ Gorbushka, Moscow, 2010
in Glinka Museum, Moscow, Russia, 2011
in DOM cc, Moscow, Russia, 2011
@ Moscow Biennale in Art Play, Moscow, Russia, 2011
@ Moscow Biennale in Proekt Fabrika, Moscow, Russia, 2011
in Glinka Museum, Moscow, Russia, 2011

in MMOMA, Moscow, Russia, 2011-2013,
@ КРЯКК fest, Krasnoyarsk, Russia, 2010-2011,
@ Big Festival of Cartoons, ZIL cultural center, Moscow, Russia, 2013
in Jewish Cenetr of tolerance, Moscow, Russia, 2013, 2014
@ Media-Poetry Lab, Open Stage, Moscow, 2014
in ZIL cultural center, Moscow, Russia, 2014
@ The New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theater, St.Petersburg, Russia, 2014
@ Summer school of animation, ZIL cultural center, Moscow, Russia, 2014
@ Moscow City Day, Allrussian Exhibition Center (ВДНХ), Moscow, Russia, 2014