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Patrick K.-H.
Oleg Makarov
Oleg Makarov

Oleg Makarov (b.1979) – composer, sound-artist, media-artist, hardware / software interactive systems and instruments maker.
Composes music of various kinds: chamber, instrumental, vocal, electroacoustic. Since 2006 composes music for radio plays for Radio Russia and Radio Culture.
Since 2004 participates in international festivals and exhibitions of modern art as a composer, author of multimedia interactive installations and performances, multi-channel algorithmic audio installations.
Regularly performs his electroacoustic pieces, both composed and improvised, in various art-centers. Makes experiments in cross-media fields of arts, electronics, programming etc. Researches algorithms of sound, movement and video interactions using interactive graphical programming environments.

Electroacoustic music

Electroacoustic pieces for tape were performed on international festivals:
“Moscow Autumn” 2003–2007;
«International Rostrum of Electroacoustic Music 2004», Roma, Italy;
«Synthese» 2004–2006, Bourges, France;
«Musica Viva 2005», Lisbon, Portugal;
«MUSICACOUSTICA 2006», Beijing, China and others

Piece for theremin and tape “Melancholy N2” was performed by Olesya Rostovskaya at the festival “Synchronization 07” in Yekaterinburg, Russia, 2007
Part of official soundtrack for “Antique-Avantguard Fest”, Sevastopol, Ukraine, 2009.

Electroacoustic improvisation

Since 2008 regularly (about 1-3 times a month) performs live electroacoustic improvisation sets using laptop with self-programmed original patches in Max/MSP/Jitter, different controllers, sound objects, sometimes clarinet, piano in different art-centers, museums, clubs, solo and in collaborations.
Live @ 05032009BLACKBOX
Patrick K.-H. / Oleg Makarov at Mikhail Bulgakov Museum, Moscow, 25.06.11.
Burkhard Stangl / Patrick K.-H. / Oleg Makarov in Pravda 24, 26.07.11 ev
Oleg Makarov & Patrick K.-H. & Vj Antishanti live in Moscow (2011-08-28)


Since 2007 composed  music for over 20 radio plays and text-sound compositions on Radio Russia, most of them  directed by Dmitry Nikolaev
Oxygen (Kislorod) won special commendation at Prix Europa Radio Drama 2007
«Dream me, Dusja» won Russian award “Radiomania-2011” as the best radio piece

Participated with live electroacoustic music in EBU Ars Acoustica ART’S BIRTHDAY in 2007, 2009, 2011


"11 sounds 1 exit", audio-video interactive installation, was presented at international festivals “Abracadabra”, Moscow, 2009; “Art Zavod”, Yekaterinburg, Russia, 2009.
“Floppy Eater” interactive sound installation (computer with prepared external floppy drive) at MIGZ festival, Moscow 2009
“Korchevatel” algorithmic sound installation (prepared tape recorder and handmade electronics) at the Third International Festival of Sciences at Moscow State Univesity, 2008
“8|56” algorithmic sound-installation (computer, Max/MSP, 8 speakers) at GogolFest, Kiev, Ukraine, 2010
«In the absence of an invisible conductor» tape sound installation for 10 stereo speakers, at Mikhail Bulgakov Museum, Moscow, two times a week (November 2010 – April 2011).
Oleg Makarov / Patrick K.-H. “Room Sketch: SONIC # 42” (computer, Max/MSP, 8 speakers) at LABORATORIA Art & Science Space, Moscow, 2011
Patrick K.-H. / Oleg Makarov “Room Sketch: over 9000” algorithmic sound-video installation, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, July–August 2011


Editor-in-chief of Russian magazines “Musical Album” (monthly, 2005–present time), “Music for synthesizer” (6 issues a year, 2007), “Electronic music” (6 issues a year, 2008–2011), “Contemporary music” (6 issues a year, started in August, 2011).