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Patrick K.-H.
Oleg Makarov
Patrick K.-H.

Patrick K.-H. (Anton Iakhontov, b. 1980) – sound artist, video artist, composer. Has been active on the experimental scene since middle 1990s as improvisation guitarist, founder and composer of “Beligriush” orchestra and visual artist. He currently works as electroacoustic music composer, live-acousmatic performer, video artist and animation maker. His wide-range art experiences turns him more into interactive forms and reflects his belief that most of the laws as well as paradoxes of each single media can be mapped to other medias for producing a certain (un)expectable result.

Participant of Theremin Center for Electroacoustic Music at Moscow Conservatory workshops and other activity since 1999. Master degree, Cum laude diploma, soundproducer (GITR'09).

Since 2004, he composed music and video for a number of contemporary dance pieces of Moscow Theatre of Nations, TsEKh Dance Agency, Moscow Chamber Ballet Company, Zero Dance Company, Ohne Zuker Dance Company and independent choreographers.

Based upon graphical painting, his animation is nearly repeating its historical way of evolution, through stop-motion, cut-out, drawing sound and some other early-time techniques. “It had shades of Yellow Submarine and Terry Gilliam which at first seemed rather dated.” (Charlotte Kasner, Ballet Magazine, UK 2007). Terms of his videos spread from surreal short stories to so called “long pictures” – ornamental-like “still picture-in-progress” in time, which are usually presenting as video-installations.

The same with his sound art – started to cut audio tape at the age of 9, he is now almost came back to similar way, by digital means, mostly known as 40s-50s music concrete. Coincidently, his best known piece is dedicated to exploring sounds of another type of tape, “Scotch Acoustic Session” (tape-piece, 2004, 8-channel sound installation, Diapason Gallery, NYC, 2008).

Patrick K.-H. performs live with no-input mixer, analogue synthesizers and various types of pick-ups ("Formation of Vision" duo with S.Kreichi); participates in Moscow Cyber Orchestra as a laptop- performer; researches forgotten “drawn sound” technologies applied to sound art in duo with composer Oleg Makarov; does guitar "non-idiomatic" performances with Burkhard Stangl, collaborates with culture-triggers Alexey Lyubimov, Natalia Pschenitschnikova, Vladimir Tarasov at various projects.

Patrick K.-H. has had his music, video and performances presented in more than 100 festivals, including Moscow International Film Festival (Russia), Russian Act (UK, Singapore), Digital Media (Spain), Lange Nacht des Films (Austria), SKIF (Russia), New Drama (Russia), Laiks dejot (Latvia), Moscow Biennale for Young Art (Russia) etc. Artist-in-residence in Diapason Gallery, New York (USA), Dansstationen, Malmo (Sweden), Brut Kuenstlerhaus, Vienna (Austria). His paintings were exhibited in Russian Academy of Arts, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, National Center for Contemporary Art (Moscow) etc.

Author of sound installation for A. Bartenev “White Rainbow over the table” performance (Baibakov Art Project, Moscow, 2009), A. Kallima "Rain Theoreme" (Russian pavilion of 53rd international art exhibition la Biennale di Venezia, 2009), and a number of his own sound installations, presented in galleries and art-centers. Curator of Sound art pavilion of international GogolFEST (Kiev, Ukraine) and other sound-, video- and multimedia festivals and events.

2011-2013 – co-founder and teacher of Media Performance Lab (MMOMA, Moscow),
since 2103 – art-director of Media Center in Alexandrinsky Theater (St. Petersburg).

After 6 years of roaming exsistance, a spatial Floating Sound Gallery concert / installation series, curated by Patrick K.-H. / Oleg Makarov, were launched in 2014 in Media Center @ New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theater (St. Petersburg).

Performances (selected)

Photo Acoustic Session Altermedium fest @ DOM cc, 2003 / NCCA, Moscow, 2005
Scotch Acoustic Session Altermedium fest @ DOM cc, Moscow, 2004
“Kulumulumavlox” with Lana & Yana Axenov, Moscow, NCCA 2005
“Shadow duplicate” Moscow, NCCA 2005
“Cut Up” with Olesya Rostovskaya, Anna Abalikhina, Moscow, NCCA, 2005
“Filling” with Fedor Fedorovich, Anna Abalikhina, Moscow, Fabrika, 2005
“Bach Astralis” with Fedor Fedorovich, Anna Abalikhina, Dina Khuseyn, Moscow, DOM cc, 2006
“Ranciere vs. Leotard” Ikra club, Na Brestskoy club, Moscow, 2006
Invertarization with Dina Khuseyn, Vitenn, Shanti Club, Moscow, 2007
Smena with Vitenn, Art Raum, Moscow, 2007
“Formation of Vision” with Dina Khuseyn, Stanislav Kreichi, NCCA / Composer's Union / Moscow Conservatory / DOM cc / Jerry Rubin Club, Moscow, 2007
“Pants of Passion” Vinzavod / Art Raum, Moscow, 2007
“Habanera” with Dmitry Cheglakov, Andrey Andrianov, Theatre of Nations, Moscow, 2007
“Scotch Acoustic Session” 8-channel sound installation NY, Brooklyn, Diapason Gallery / Moscow, Zurab gallery, 2008 / SoundArt @ GogolFest, Kiev, 2010
“Room Improvisation” Fabrika, Moscow, 2008
Cinestetika with Dina Khuseyn, Oleg Makarov, TsEH, Fabrika, Moscow, 2008-10 / Laiks dejot, Riga, 2009 / GogolFest, Kiev, 2010 / Masterskaya, Moscow, 2010 / Museum Center, Krasnoyarsk, 2011 / Erarta, St.Petersburg, 2012
CinestAtika NCCA / Jerry Rubin Club / OGI, Moscow / Etagi, Saint Petersburg, 2008
“U’ve betrayed me, U-U” with Dina Khuseyn, Taras Burnashev, Moscow Philharmonic, 2009
Electric Alien with Oleg Makarov, Andrey Bartenev, Cyberfest @ Etagi, Saint Petersburg,2009
Room Sketch #1 NCCA / Tsaritsino Museum / Pravda 24 art center, Moscow / Gogol Fest, Dovzhenko film studio, Kiev / Krasnojarsk book culture fair КРЯКК, 2010
"Drawn sound performance" with Oleg Makarov, Ruby Attack Fest @ Shokoladnaya Fabrika, Noumen Art @ Gorbushka, Moscow, 2010 / DOM cc, Biennale @ Art Play, Moscow, 2011
"La main: l’heure de la pieuvre" with Burkhard Stangl, Brut Kuenstlerhouse, Vienna, 2010 / TsEH, Moscow, 2011
13 simultaneous successivities with Ukio Kido & Oleg Makarov, NCCA, Moscow, 2011
“Room Sketch: SONIC # 42” with Oleg Makarov, Science Art Lab, Moscow, 2011
Room Sketch: Chess with Oleg Makarov, Shokoladnaya Fabrika, Moscow, 2011 / Pravda 24 cc, Moscow, 2011 / Life Style Festival @ CHA, Moscow, 2012 / ЭFIR, Kiev, 2012 / Museum Center, Krasnoyarsk, 2012 / IMA SOUNDgalerie, Haiburg, 2012 / Future Fest, Kostroma, 2013 / NCCA, Moscow, 2014.
“Room Sketch: over 9000”
with Oleg Makarov, MMOMA, Moscow, 2011
Timeless with Oleg Makarov, Valentin Tszin, Alex Ruhe, Flavia Ghisalberti, MMOMA, Moscow, 2012
HEART bits with Oleg Makarov, Valentin Tszin, kasich, Mikhail Khum, Masha Kabanova, Platforma, Vinzavod, Moscow, 2012
Room Sketch: sonic sculpture"
with Oleg Makarov, Art Play, Moscow, 2012 / Museum Center, Krasnoyarsk, 2012 / Skryabin Museum, LuLoft, Moscow, 2013
33:4 with Burkhard Stangl, Aman Studio, Vienna, 2012
Dance of Darkness with Oleg Makarov, Valentin Tszin, Asya Mukhina, Sonja Heller, MMOMA, Moscow, 2012
“Pointless” with Oleg Makarov, Asya Mukhina, MMOMA / Zvezda cinema, Moscow, 2012
“Sound-bath” with Oleg Makarov, Valentin Tszin, Asya Mukhina, MMOMA, Moscow, 2012
Filtrational anomaly with Oleg Makarov, Rosi Rehformen, Velac Gala @ Brut Konzerthaus, Liebling, Vienna, 2012
Desire of a dead man with John Giskes, Asya Mukhina, MMOMA, Moscow, 2012
“Demon” with Oleg Makarov, Ilya Romashko, Wokshop on Begovaya, Moscow, 2012-2013 / Schauspielhaus, Duesseldorf, 2012
23 with Burkhard Stangl, Echoraum, Vienna, 2012
Architects of change with Oleg Makarov, Asya Mukhina, Sonja Heller, MMOMA, Moscow, 2012
“Danish for 42” with Oleg Makarov, Andrey Bartenev, St.Petersburg, CyberFest, 2012
“Adaptation 14. Answers” with Oleg Makarov, Valentin Tszin, Asya Mukhina, Flavia Ghisalberti, MMOMA, Moscow, 2013
“Room Sketch: sonic relay frameworks” with Oleg Makarov, CHA, Moscow, 2013 / das weisse haus, Vienna, 2013 / Alexandrinsky Theater, St.Petersburg, 2013
“BOSA (body-oriented sound art)” with Oleg Makarov, MMOMA, Moscow, 2013
“BOSA: poetry” with Oleg Makarov, 9 libraries, Moscow, 2013
“Friction makes friction makers” with Oleg Makarov, Ola Osowicz, Valentina Parlato, Avan Art Fest, Wroclaw, 2013

Animation / short films

as director / animator / composer:
“Beligriush” video 2003 / music 1996
“Scotch Acoustic Session” series, video/music – work-in-progress since 2004
“Lift teases a man” video – 1st version 2005, 2nd version 2008 / music – John Cage, “4 walls”
“Dee” video 2005 / music 2002-2003
“Umpteen Quid” video 2005 / music 2002-2003
“Roj” video 2005 / music 2002
“Fighting Taras vs. Dasha” video 2005 / music 2002
“In the Place of my Dream” video 2006
“Brides” video 2006 / music 2002
“Mjasko-mjasko” video 2007 / music 2003
“7” video 2007 / music 2003-2007
“Contact improvisation” video 2009 / music 2007-2009 w/Jon Appleton 1996
“Unconscious map of activity” 2010
“siht ekil evaheb reven slrig dooG” 2011
“AH PKH is here” 2011
"La main: l’heure de la pieuvre" 2010-2011 w/ Burkhard Stangl
“Seagull: suicide theme” drama piece animation, video 2011 / music 2012
“Seagull: deadborn” drama piece animation, video 2011 / music 2012
“Polar bear” installation animation, 2012 w/ Andrey Bartenev
Ich habe geschlafen2014, music - Federspiel
Military / shimmy2015, music - Federspiel
“IDK” 2019

“Mozgi” series, video – work-in-progress since 2006
“Long Pictures” series, video – work-in-progress since 2006
“Tommy D” series, since 2010:
“Chess”| “Сounting rhyme” | “gnaw” | “Cat up”| “TV through” | “Musketeer” | “Poison of Life”| “Frogility” | “Pendulum” | “The Bridge” | “Unseeable doers”

as artist / animator:
“A Child” 2007, director S.Elchaninova
“Dots” 2008, director S.Elchaninova
“Absolute No” 2009, director S.Elchaninova

as artist / animator / composer with Andreas Karaoulanis:
“Decalcophonia” 2011
“genuka > figure series pt / 1” 2011
“figure series pt / 2” 2011
“varroa” 2012
“silicone gifts” 2012
“he sat in a cockroach” 2012
“Monkey-eating Mousie” 2013
“Biene con bienen” 2013
Piano Etude Nr.12015
Piano Etude Nr.22015
Dbl Trbl2016
“Turtle head pick” 2017

“Maldek” 2017
“Trass” 2018
“Skellow” 2019
“Fear Not” 2019

as artist / animator / composer with Litto:
“Sebastian kuerzt” 2018-2019
“Motion Diaries” 2019
OFFF Vienna promo 2019

advert to:
Boxing the shadow-2 film promo, w/ A.Klepach (co-director), 2007
Ball on the grass event promo, WWF Russia, 2011

Music / video for contemporary dance / theater

"Find 8 differences" (TsEH, Moscow) dir. T.Burnashev / D.Buzovkina, 2005
"Philosophy of walls” (Theatre of nations, Moscow), dir. K.Grouss, 2005
«4 walls» of John Cage (Moscow Conservatory), dir. K.Grouss, 2005
"Post Factum” (Moscow Chamber Ballet dance company), dir. D.Buzovkina, 2006
“In the place of my dream” (Theatre of nations, Moscow), dir. D.Khuseyn / A.Abalikhina, 2006
“Elisaveta Bam” (Mossovet Theatre, Moscow), dir. F.Pavlov-Andreevich 2006
“Bride’s gift” (TsEH, Moscow), dir. D.Buzovkina, 2007
“7, or Seven Fridays a week” (TsEH, Moscow), dir. T.Burnashev, 2007
“Cinestetika” (TsEH, Moscow), co-production w/ O.Makarov / D.Khuseyn, 2008
“No Exit” (TsEH, Moscow), dir. D.Khuseyn / A.Abalikhina, 2008
“Cage for air” (TsEH, Moscow), dir. K.Grouss, 2008
“Happy Childhood” (TsEH, Moscow), dir. D.Buzovkina, 2011
“Close Up” (TsEH, Moscow), dir. V.Priklonskaya, 2011
“Seagull” (Chekhov Moscow Art Theater, Moscow), dir. K.Bogomolov, 2011
“Business and sky” (Business people theater, Moscow), dir. E.Glaizer, 2011
“Non finito” (Evgeny Panfilov balett dance company, Perm'), dir. L.Aleksandrova, 2011
“Over Moons” (Territoriя festival, Sochi), dir. F.Grigorian, composer A.Sysoev, 2011
“Dostoevsky. The corpse” (Sputnik, Moscow), by T.Kudo / V.Tszin, 2013
“The Demon” (Center of Dramaturgy and Stage direction, Moscow), co-production with O.Makarov / I.Romashko, 2013
“School for fools” (Chelyabinsk' chamber theater), dir. L.Aleksandrova, 2013
“Shakespeare. The Labyrinth” (Theater of nations, Moscow), dir. F.Grigorian, 2014
“Three Voices” of Morton Feldman (Platforma, Moscow), with InterACTive ensemble, 2014
"Jonny spielt auf" von Ernst Krenek (Vienna, Austria), Ensemble Federspiel, 2014-15
“Telluria” (New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theater, St.Petersburg), dir. M.Gatsalov, 2014
“The Roads” (New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theater, St.Petersburg), dir. V.Fokin / M.Gatsalov, 2015
“Natasha's dream” (Arlekin Theater, Boston), dir. I.Golyak, 2015
“Today, 2016” (New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theater, St.Petersburg), dir. V.Fokin, 2016
“Demetrius / Zeit der Wirren” (Voralberger Landesteater, Bregenz), dir. S.Jaeger, 2016
“A krokodilus” (Nemzeti Színház, Budapest), dir. V.Fokin, 2016
“The Demon” by Anton Rubinstein (Cutler Majestic Theatre, Boston), dir. A.Prokorov of CWLT, 2017
“Swans” (New Emperor's Theater, St.Petersburg), dir. J.Roesing, 2017
“An Optimistic Tragedy” (Alexandrinsky Theater, St.Petersburg), dir. V.Ryzhakov, 2017
“Alle Farben im Schwarz” (Werk X, Vienna), dir. S.Jaeger, 2019

Participation in (selected)

Elisabeth Schimana project The game-performance «Web 04 / Memoria», Moscow, Dom, 2004;
Elisabeth Schimana project “From Dom to Dom” DOM IM BERG, Graz, Austria - DOM cc, Moscow, 2005;
Andrey Bartenev performance “3 friends”, Moscow, Dom, 2007
Soundtrack for Andrey Bartenev / Katja Bochavar “White Rainbow Over the Table: A Musical of Spoiled Goods”, Baybakov Atr Project, Moscow, 2009
Soundtrack for Alexei Kallima “Rain Theorem” at Russian pavilion “Victory over the future”, 53rd international art exhibition la Biennale di Venezia, 2009
Soundtrack for Andrey Bartenev “The Nightingale opera. Boisbuchet” France, 2009
Soundtrack for Dmitry Cheglakov “Verses” Moscow, NCCA, 2010
«Yes but No», Asya Mukhina / Patrick K.-H., music / animation, Moscow, MMOMA, 2011
Sound design for “3 Sisters", director - Andrey Bartenev, Open Stage, Moscow, 2011
interactive piece, Alexandrinsky Theater, St. Petersburg, 2014

Festivals / series

Altermedium 2003, 2004, Moscow, Russia
TsEH 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 Moscow, Russia
Performania 2005, 2006, Moscow, Russia
Dialogue 2006, Utrecht, Netherlands
Open Look 2006, St. Petersburg, Russia
Touch 2006, Arhangelsk, Russia
St Gallen 2006, St Gallen, Switzerland
Interactiune 2006, Kishinev, Moldova
Russian Act 2006, London, UK, Singapoore
Forms of living 2007, Moscow, Russia
Summer Lab “Dansstationen” 2007, Malmо, Sweden
8 Mediaforum of 29 Moscow International Film Festival 2007, Moscow, Russia
Noore Tantsu 2007, Viljandi, Estonia
New Drama 2007, Moscow, Russia
Rozamira 2006, 2007, 2008, Moscow, Russia
Diversia 2007, Kostroma, Russia
Moscow autumn 2007, Moscow, Russia
Territoriя 2007, 2014, 2017, Moscow, Russia, 2011, Sochi, Kazan', Russia
SOMA 2007, Moscow, Russia
Institute of Smile 2007, Moscow, Russia
Art of Can 2008, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Saint Petersburg, Rostov-na-donu, Russia
Helping hand 2008, Moscow, Russia
Noumen Art 2008, 2010, Moscow, Russia
Digital Media 2008, Valensia, Spain
SKIF 2008, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
XXII Roslavets and Gabo festival 2008, Brjansk, Russia
Poetronica 2008, 2010, 2011, Moscow, Russia
Love Live Electronic 2008, 2009, 2010, Moscow, Russia
Taymyr Cactus 2008, Norilsk, Russia
Noise and fury 2008, 2010, Moscow, Russia
9 Mediaforum of 30 Moscow International Film Festival 2008, Moscow, Russia
Body Navigation 2008, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Moscow Biennale for Young Art Qui Vive? - Oslokino U.F.O. 2008 Moscow, Russia
Lange nacht des films 2008, Zwettl, Austria
Another Space 2009, Moscow, Russia
Chromodynamics 2009, Moscow, Russia
Laiks Dejot (Time to Dance) 2009, Riga, Latvia
Free Wi-Fi 2009, Moscow, Izhevsk, Russia
Electronic Night B-Side (Лопатёпье 2009 pre-party) 2009, Moscow, Russia
Museum’s Night 2009, 2010 Kaliningrad, Novosibirsk, Russia
One minute one shot 2009, Yerevan, Armenia
8 miracle (8 чудо) 2009, Moscow region, Russia
Gogolfest 2009, 2010 Kiev, Ukraine
Ad Libitum 2009, Warszava, Poland
Cyberfest 2009, 2012, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Prepared Environments on Prepared Wednesdays 2010-2018, Moscow, Russia
Moscow Biennale for Young Art Qui Vive? – Kamasutra Spoon 2010, Moscow, Russia
Moscow Biennale for Young Art Qui Vive? – Junk 2010, Moscow, Russia
Moscow Biennale for Young Art Qui Vive? – Calabi-Yau 2010, Moscow, Russia
Moscow Biennale for Young Art Qui Vive? – Alt+E fest 2010, Moscow, Russia
Chaos and System 2010, Moscow, Russia
Art Moscow 2010, Moscow, Russia
Ruby Attack Fest 2010, Moscow, Russia
Krasnoyarsk book culture fair КРЯКК 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
LUMEN_EX 2011, Cáceres, Spain
Black Box 2009, 2011 Moscow, Russia
Night of Museums 2011, 2012, 2013, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Kinolikbez 2011, Barnaul, Russia
Museum’s Night, MMOMA main program 2011, 2012, Moscow, Russia
Museum’s Night, MMOMA program 2011, Moscow, Russia
Museum’s Night, LABORATORIA Art&Science Space 2011, Moscow, Russia
Deistvie-fest (Action-fest) 2011, Shokoladnaya Fabrika, Moscow
Streaming Festival 2011, 2015, The Hague, The Netherlands
Masterskaya (Workshop): Today and Tomorrow MMOMA, 2011, Moscow
Reworks 2011, Greece
Linoleum 2011, Moscow, Russia
Moscow Biennale - 'The Outer Space State of Transcendental Turnover' 2011, Moscow, Russia
Art-Residency 2011, Moscow, Russia
GAM 2011, Moscow, Russia
V'ELAC 2012, 2018, Vienna, Austria
LyfeStyle 2012, Moscow, Russia
Platforma Mediafestival 2012, Moscow, Russia
Book Expo: Read Russia, 2012, NYC, USA
Moscow Biennale for Young Art - (UN)imation 2012, Moscow, Russia
Moscow Biennale for Young Art - Integrals United 2012, Moscow, Russia
Lexus. Hybrid Art 2012, Moscow, Russia
Masterskaya (Workshop): Rejected Reality MMOMA, 2012, Moscow
Moscow Biennale for Young Art - Ally/Foe 2012, Moscow, Russia
Kino-Lion 2012, Lviv, Ukraine
Circle of Light 2012, Moscow, Russia
IMA Intime Räume 2012, Hainburg, Austria
Musicircus of John Cage 2012, Moscow, St.Petersburg, Russia
Baltic House 2012, St.Petersburg, Russia
Microton innovations 2012, St.Petersburg, Russia
Square of arts 2012, St.Petersburg, Russia
Golden mask 2012, 2019, Moscow, Russia
Future Festival 2013, Kostroma, Russia
New Culture Fest 2013, Moscow, Russia
Kamerata 2013, Chelyabinsk, Russia
Eurasia 2013, Ekaterinburg, Russia
Avant Art 2013, Wrocław, Poland
Night of Arts 2013, Moscow, Russia
DerBloedeDritterMitwoch 2014, 2016, Vienna, Austria
Intonema 2014, St.Petersburg, Russia
Sound Art @ Alexandrinka 2014, St.Petersburg, Russia
SA))m0st 2014, Moscow, Russia
Cross art 2014, St.Petersburg, Russia
Electroacoustic Music Festival Vienna 2014, Vienna, Austria
Wellenklaenge 2014, Lunz am See, Austria
Konfrontationen 35 / soundart 6 2014, Nickelsdorf, Austria
visionXsound:[KV-N] 2014, 2016, Neulengbach, Austria
VisMath (Visuality and Mathematics) 2014, Belgrade, Serbia
Simultan Festival 2014, Timișoara, Romania
ASIFA - Best Austrian Animation 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, Vienna, Austria
Klangmanifeste 2014, 2019, Vienna, Austria
Musicvideoart 2014, Mons-en-Baroeu, France
Carving the sound space 2015, Vienna, Austria
HochZeit 2015, Boswil, Switzerland
Unsafe+sounds 2015, Vienna, Austria
Ars Electronica 2015, Linz, 2019, St.Florian, Austria
Acousmatic Transcendence II 2015, Vienna, Austria
Scope Sessions 2016, Berlin, Germany
Strange Umbrellas,
2016, Berlin, Germany
Melbourne International Animation Festival, 2016, 2017, Melbourne, Australia
Dark Sounds in White Nights, 2016, St.Petersburg, Russia
Sounds around me, 2016, 2019, Vienna, Austria
FIVA - Festival Internacional de Videoarte, 
2016, 2018, Buenos Aires, Argentina
United Solo Festival Off Broadway, Best Projection Design Award, 2016, NYC, USA
Transmediale / CTM vorspiel, 
2017, Berlin, Germany
Bit Or Esc, 
2017, Vienna, Austria
The Essence, 
2017, Vienna, Austria
Face to Face, 
2017, Rostov-On-Don, Russia
Mercado de Arte Contemporaneo, 
2017, Centro Cultural España Córdoba, Argentina
Alexandrinsky festival, 
2017, St.Petersburg, Russia
La Noche de los Museos, 
2017, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2018, 2019, Madrid, Spain
2018, 2019, Zagreb, Croatia
Off Borders Festival, 
2018, Thessaloniki, Greece
Wow! Signal Festival, 
2018, Vienna, Austria
2018, 2019, St.Petersburg, Russia
2018, St.Petersburg, Russia
2018, Moscow, Russia, 2019, Yerevan, Armenia
International Electronic Music Festival, 
2018, Teheran, Iran
2018, Vienna, Austria
Musica contro le mafie, 
2018, Cosenza, Italy
Animac, 2019, Lleida, Spain
Museum’s Night, Sound Museum,
2019, St.Petersburg, Russia
Angewandte festival
2019, Vienna, Austria
Symposium iX,
2019, Montreal, Canada
2019, Vienna, Austria
Glowing Globe,
2019, Rijeka, Croatia
Linoleum, 2019, Kyiv, Ukraine
2019, Cairo, Egypt
EPICRNTROOM, 2019, St.Petersburg, Russia
One Night Public Gallery,
2019, Tunis, Tunis
Wien Modern,
2019, Vienna, Austria
Art's Birthday,
2020, Vienna, Austria


Diapson (NYC, USA), Alte Schmiede (Vienna, At), MMOMA (Moscow, Ru),
Moscow Academic Theatre, Moscow Conservatory, Alexandrinsky Theatre (St.Petersburg, Ru), Theatre of Nations (Moscow, Ru), Rhiz (Vienna, At),
Fabrika (Moscow, Ru), NCCA (Moscow, Ru), Brut Künstlerhaus / Konzerthaus (Vienna, At), The Place (London, UK), Universität für angewandte Kunst (Vienna, At), Ars Electronica (Linz, At), Akademie der bildenden Kü̈nste (Vienna, At), Technische Universität (Vienna, At), Echoraum (Vienna, At), Erarta (St.Petersburg, Ru), Dom (Moscow, Ru), Contemporary Art Centre (Bryansk, Ru), Dansstationen (Malmö, Sweden), Trafo (Budapest, Hu), Point Éphemere (Paris, Fr), Vinzavod (Moscow, Ru), Quiet que (Berlin, De), Dailes teātris (Riga), Polytechnical Museum (Moscow, Ru), AIR (Krems a.d. Donau, At), Filmcasino (Vienna, At), Philharmonic (Yekaterinburg, St.Petersburg, Ru), Das Weisse Haus (Vienna, At), IMA (Hainburg a.d. Donau, At), Art Play (Moscow, Ru), Avant Garde Museum (Moscow, Ru), Aman Studio (Vienna, At), MOЁ (Vienna, At), Arsenale (Venice, It), Künstlerhaus (Boswil, Switherland), Mayakovsky Museum (Moscow, Ru), The Odd Flat (Moscow, Ru), Electromuseum (Moscow, Ru), Mystetskyi Arsenal (Kyiv), Baltic House (St.Petersburg, Ru), Sound Museum (St.Petersburg, Ru), Madame Claude (Berlin, De), Panke (Berlin, De), Sowieso (Berlin, De), Spectrum (Berlin, De), Liebig12 (Berlin, De), Cutler Majestic Theatre (Boston, USA), bb15 (Linz, At), Voralberger Landesteater (Bregenz, At), Impart (Wroclaw, Pl), Stanislavsky Electrorheatre (Moscow, Ru), Kunstraum Nideroesterreich (Vienna, At), Komitas State Conservatory (Yerevan, Arm), Radiokulturhaus(Vienna, At)


Dansstationen, 2007, Malmö, Sweden
Diapason gallery, 2008 NYC, USA
Brut Künstlerhaus, 2010, Vienna, Austria
TRAFO, Workshop Foundation, 2012, Budapest, Hungary
NÖ festival, AIR, 2012, Krems an der Donau, Austria
POINT ÉPHÉMÈRE, 2012, Paris, France

Curator (selected)

Rozamira, curator of video content, 2006, 2007, 2008, Moscow, Russia
Videodrome video exposition of “Free Wi-Fi”, head curator - Andrey Bartenev  2009, MMOA, Moscow, Russia
Sound Art @ GogolFEST 2010, Kiev, Ukraine
Territoriя, co-curator of Multimedia Territoriя (w/ Polina Vasilieva), 2011, Sochi, Russia
MediaPerformance Lab, teacher, co-curator, 2011-2013, MMOMA, Moscow, Russia
Integrals United, co-curator w/ Asya Mukhina, Oleg Makarov, Yulia Shirina, 2012, Moscow, MMOMA, Russia
(UN)imation, co-curator w/ Asya Mukhina, 2012, Moscow, MMOMA, Russia
Sound Art @ Alexandrinka, 2014, St.Petersburg, New Stage of Alexandrinsky theater, Russia
Floating Sound Galleryco-curator w/ Oleg Makarov, since 2008 / St.Petersburg, New Stage of Alexandrinsky theater, Russia - since 2014
New Media Lab, teacher, co-curator, St.Petersburg, New Stage of Alexandrinsky theater, Russia - since 2016
Dark Sounds in White Nightsco-curator w/ Elisabeth Zimmermann (O1 Kunstradio) & Elisabeth Schimana (IMA), 2016, St.Petersburg, New Stage of Alexandrinsky theater, Russia
ACOUSMONIUM inauguration 2018, St.Petersburg, New Stage of Alexandrinsky theater, Russia

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