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Patrick K.-H.
Oleg Makarov


Room Sketch: Chess interactive performance.

in Pravda 24 art center, Moscow, 26.07.11 ev. ¯¯

Patrick K.-H. - concept, performance, sound art, animation,
Oleg Makarov - concept, performance, sound art, Max/MSP programming,

Room Sketch: Chess – multimedia performance, where sonic and visual material is to be structured by chess play, in real time. Every performance result is unique, it comes out of dynamics and number of moves.
Chess board is mapped with sound matrix by correlation and juxtaposition of certain sounds, utilizing chess game as a dynamic score for constantly changing sound plasma, turning watcher to listener, making playing process an engine for driving the score. 
Each move, as well as each pause between the moves, is mapped with sound phrase and / or parameter of sound processing, finding its special path to the whole structure, interacting with simultaneous moves or pauses processing.


@ LifeStyle fest, Moscow, 22.04.12 ev., set 4 ¯¯

@ LifeStyle fest, Moscow, 21.04.12 ev., set 1 ¯¯

@ LifeStyle fest, Moscow, 22.04.12 ev., set 3 ¯¯

@ Future fest, Kostroma, 02.06.13 ev. ¯¯

@ Deystvie fest in Shokoladnaya Fabrika, Moscow, Russia, 2011 (2-channels)
in Pravda 24 cc, Moscow, Russia, 2011 (4-channels)
@ Life Style Festival @ CHA, Moscow, Russia, 2012 (8-channels)
in ЭFIR, Kiev, Ukraine, 2012 (4-channels)
@ Museum Night in Museum Center, Krasnoyarsk, Russia, 2012 (4-channels)
@ Intime Räume - Opening of IMA SOUNDgalerie, Hainburg, Austria, 2012 (6-channels)
@ Future Fest, Kostroma, Russia, 2013 (4-channels)
in NCCA, Moscow, Russia, 2014 (4-channels)
@ Sound Art @ Alexandrinka, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2014 (8-channels)

Room Sketch: Chess interactive performance, guest sets.
Created initially as a compositional algorithm to perform live-acousmatic sets of Patrick K.-H. / Oleg Makarov duo, Room Sketch: Chess turns to be a platform for invited sound artists to encounter their samples / presets.

Rosi Rehformen vs. V4W.enko, Kiev, 12.05.12 ev. ¯¯

Ujif Notfound vs. Patrick K.-H., Kiev, 12.05.12 ev. ¯¯
Vladimir Rannev vs. Alexey Sysoev, St.Petersburg, 25.04.14 ev. ¯¯

Patrick K.-H. intimate set @ IMA festival Intimate Spaces, Hainburg, 29.09.12 ev. ¯¯